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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Yeah, I know a little bit late for this post is because due to my busy preparing events for the choir as I have my previous post. I want to tell and share to all who wanted to appear fashionable without wasting excessive pocket or purse contents drained. As my friend said to me that everyone is able to look attractive and fashionable with affordable goods, although not branded which we know to buy it because we will not be able remembering our current status is still a student, who is still dependent on parents. And I was one.
To love and be loved how much actual meaning of both these? Some of you choose to love and some of you choose be loved. I cannot decide which is right because all of that are the options. Like life, life is a choice. Life without a choice like no life. Why? Because to achieve anything in life we need to choose the best thing to get the best life.  Also in the process of loveHow do we choose a healthy dating and build our lives to develop into a better, become more useful to ourselves and others. Trying to find someone who can be an inspiration for us to live a meaningful life. Just remember , follow your heart, if yes just say yes and if no just say no.


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