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Sunday, March 13, 2011

SORRY is the beginning

If we view our lives as a burden, then we will go through life with a weight due to the brunt of it. The problem is not a burden as heavy as what it is but how long we endure. Look at life as a goal to be happy. Leaving aside the things that make us fall helpless is the perfect solution to undergo a memorable day. Always believe that God will not make us fall in lying, He will lift us and eliminate the burden of life that we experience, because He first had to feel everything we are experiencing now, believe me He will be a source of light in all our lives. Every issue there's always a solution. Stay shining and always show our abilities, talents that God gave to us to be happy ourselves and others. Today we would be happy as well as the premises tomorrow when the joy of growing with an open heart is able to pull ourselves from the true mind and make us happy. Excited through this life, because there are many important and useful lessons in it. All for us and only us.


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