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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Love you More and Most

I Looooveeeee black and white photos!! :D So simple but so strong.. Hahaha :D
Apparently, without my knowing, but I always find in every day to me that the fact there is simply every humans to replace their emotions or easily to feel different feelings from time to time. And I think it is fair to as time goes by we understand everything that makes us laugh, cry, happy and sad. Yesterday I felt great happiness, but today is not the same as yesterday and no matter what will happen tomorrow, you never know. There is one question I want someone who can answer it and convincing answer to me, How did that he loves me for ever with sincere? Willingly gave his life for my happiness? A tough question and answer unknown truth. Are he meant it? If there is, very lucky they are to have men like this. Be thankful! We all have the right to be happy, and we are free to choose with whom we will be happy. The question is whether our choice is the right choice, whether we can choose wisely? I don't know..


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