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Friday, March 18, 2011

In My Dream

There are many things in this world that often have this kind of envy. And this kind of feeling is always I experienced in my class in particular. But, there are differences in envy that I have this. I'm not jealous because he/she was richer; he/she is more intelligent and so forth. And you need to know that I work very hard to get good grades in college because it will determine my future will be. I experienced envy due to the success of others because I made them a success. I mean, I helped them get what is their desire. And I am very disappointed that after what they gained they seemed to forget and do not consider that I am there for them. I did not hear the words “Thank You” spoken from their gratitude. But when we look at and examine who was wrong and who was right and I certainly was a mistake here. This is MY FAULT. But, I will not regret it all, because the past is gone and that will be coming soon. Most important is the independence and do not always depending on others because I believe we have the capabilities that have been measured by the Almighty. If you ever heard the quote about, “no real friends and no eternal enemies” do you believe that?


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