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Monday, January 30, 2017

No Title

Hola, it's me. Rightnow I'm on my bed prepare to sleep but I can't I need to wait for my husband comes from worship (because I can't sleep alone hehe). Tonight I bring my ipad from home so I can write a post in my blog (to heavy to bring laptop) and fyi I lived in my parents in law's place for a while (because of the baby) but sooner we will go back to our house again maybe this month. So, I'm with a box full of cookies and typing around hahaha oopss no blogging around yipiiiee yeey :)))
Today, I do a little groceries shopping at a mini market near to my business place and I bought almost for my baby's essentials like shampoo, baby oil, diapers, and so on. I plan to take picture of my housewife haul later and gonna share it hopefully I'm not forget about it hehehe. 
So, just me and baby now but baby Tricia is sleeping peacefully. It's so nice to see her face when she sleeps and smiles so adorable. 
Well, let me tell about my labor story. I was giving birth naturally in my 38 weeks pregnancy. It's my first time to giving birth so I'm little bit scared that time but my husband is so nice and patient and he always cheer me up and beside me during the process of labor. 
I felt the contraction on Thursday morning but not too intense actually almost not really hurt so I think it's not a contraction and in the night around 9 or 10 o'clock I felt contraction again but this time is so intense (about 15 minutes and repeated) it made me can't sleep so we go to hospital at 5 a.m, we arrived at hospital around 6 a.m (I live far from the hospital) and the doctor said that I'm already 6 centimeters opened so they just doing what they doing (it's hard to explain this part-because I'm in pain that time) and around 12 p.m my baby was born in the world very healthy with weight 2.8 kg and height 45 cm. Beyond grateful for that. So my baby was born on Friday June 24 2016 while the date is same with my father's birthday and now she is 7 months old. Yey :))
It's almost 11 p.m and my husband is not home yet so sad I alone and stay late in the night make me hungry oh nooooo. So I'm off to make some ramen hehe byeee :))

A Simple Hello From Me

Here I am while taking care of my business I sat down and suddenly think about my life. Honestly I'm not thinking but just a random things that come up in mind when I'm sitting here. So, where's sould I start first? Hhmm.. Well, I realize that I'm not writing much lately that I suppose to do because of my time is very very limited (you will know if you have a child). So I decided to writing now but if you get bored just skip this hehehe. 
So the random things that suddenly come up is (oh my, I almost forget about it because of the intro hehe kidding). I just thinking about family that I have, I'm so blessed. I couldn't find a word that describe how happy and grateful I am. I have a super perfect husband (well he's perfect for me), a beautiful and smart daughter and a very supportive family (my family and my husband's). No other things can replace them in my life.  I'm sooooooo grateful I have them, even a million thanks I said to God couldn't be enough. What a wonderful life. Thankyou. :') Thankyou very very much. (Just take a deep breath). 
So, this is basicly about my gratefulness about life that I've been through. I just love to write this post and share it with anyone that read this (or just me) it makes me feel happy, and feeling happy is the best feeling in the world, agree? 
In 2017, that's will be very short year like before. I even can't feel it. Like they said, time flies so fast and yes, soooo fast. But this year also will be a wonderful one. I can/t wait for all the suprises that life can impress me. So, wait for the story to tell ya :) 


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Just A Simply Random Pictures (Recently)

 My essential products.
 Current perfume :)
 Those like my old doll when I was a kid (I found that in my mom in law's house)
 Favorite glassess lately.
 So yellow and so me hahaha...
I never wear those yellow-red polcadot shirt in public just when I took pictures for fun (posted in instagram or blog) like today, but maybe I will wear it for my Hongkong trip this March, let's see then :)

Soooo, that's all from me and hope you have a wonderful day :) byeeee :)))

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Messages For Life

Message from the second rich man in the world.
Stay away from bank loan or credit card and invest with what you have and remember: 
1.Money is not create a human while human creates money.
2.Build a simply living.
3.Don't do anything that people say, just listen but do only the good things.
4.Don't use merk, wear the comfortable one.
5.Don't spend your money for unnecessary things.
6.With money:
   You can buy a house but not a home
   You can buy a bed but not sleep
   You can get a position but not respect
   You can buy a clock but not time
   You can buy a book but not knowledge
   You can buy blood but not life
So find your own happiness inside you
7.If it success in your life, share and teach others.

"The happy person is not a person who can able do all the things greatly but a person who can find a simple thing in life and be grateful" 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Before We Go to Bed

Red Lips

My Earings and Stuffs

I'm soooooo into those earings lately, They are from Guanzhou and so increadibly cheap. 
Those hand cream and lip balm are my new favorite, They must be in my bag everyday.