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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Lazy Sunday

Sooo today is Sunday and this is gonna be so really very very lazy super duper sueerr beerr deerr day sorry yah agak lebay because I'm a lebay person wkwkwkwk. After cap go meh yesterday all the members of my family is rehat at home all of them are sleeping all day long only me waking up with this cute little princess siapa lagi kalau bukan tuan putri Tricia hahahaha. But after that we all sleep again just sleep and eat and repeated yaahh so wonderful day hahaha 
Rain falling down from morning until now, we checked out our store this afternoon just to make sure there's no water inside and nicely that's good no water no flood means good, good for now. Hopefully tomorrow also good as well. So now we have a few hours to keep relaxing and enjoy our lazy day, my hubby is playing game on his ipad, Tricia is sleeping already and me is doing this yup this typing and blogging around while watching my loves doing their own business. 
Tomorrow will do some photoshoots and gonna post my haul from last week/this week mostly the haul is about my new body lotions because I really love lotions and some body cream and body scrup and most of them I don't try yet if that's good in my skin, moisture, smooth etc I only smell and all of them have a very good fragrance so I love it and gonna make some review later. 
So byeeee have a good Sunday and Happy Sunday I'm going to grab some snacks and sleep hehehe :DDD

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Month of Love

Holaaaa..Sooo dalam rangka menyambut hari kasih sayang a.k.a valentine's day jadi postingan kali ini is about love dan sebagai sambungannya saja dari post yang sebelumnya yaitu tentang sayang suami hahaha. First I'm gonna write this post a few hours ago while my baby slept actually but I prefer to watch some youtube videos and now my baby is up and she's watching at me now and keep her eyes on me straightly, you guys can imagine those little eyes staring at me rightnow while I'm making this post and she looks like wanna poop or something just sit quite near me now which is unusual because she is very active child and uuhh I smell something bad and yeaahh she pooped. Omg. Let me check it. ......
Ok I checked it and it is not fiuuhh syukurlah (sungguh hal yang tidak penting BANGET, seharusnya tidak ditulis tapi sudahlah) I plan to write about my husband like I said in the first statement above and I almost forget about it ooh ini semua karena Tricia hahaha. Tricia you ruined my post. Hahahahaha and waiitt she's about want to grab my ipad now while I'm typing. Ok wait a minute I'm gonna get her toys. .....
Well she's busy with her toys now so I succeed yeeyy. Berhasil horeee.. Ok, lanjut. Hhmmm. Suami saya itu bukanlah orang yang romantis karena waktu sebelum married pun saya tidak dilamar seperti di film romantis-romantisan di tv with beautiful flowers and something like that, jadi cara lamarannya itu seperti yang sudah ada sebelumnya sesuai adat dan kepercayaan. So, we are chinese and the engagement we call it sangjit. Setelah sangjit day 5 bulan setelah itu we married (horaayy kawin..kawin..). On august 9, 2015 it's our big day perasaan kami berdua sangat nano-nano hahahaha and so happy our wedding day going so well and so nice terimakasih untuk para undangan yang sudah turut merayakan dan merasakan kebahagian kami waktu itu dan kami pun senang bisa berbagi kebahagiaan bersama kalian semua. Juga terimakasih kepada wedding organizer, vendor, tukang make-up, tukang masak, tukang bersih-bersih, dan tukang-tukang lainnya but wait wait why I saying my thanks this time? my wedding day is already pass sorry yah salah fokus mungkin saya butuh bir or wine or whisky or gold label ok, sudah semakin ngaco stop sampai disini kembali serius (pasang wajah serius lagi). 
So it's very verrryyyyyy memorable day in my life I will never forget that.  The other memorable day is the day when Tricia was born I really grateful karena mempunyai suami yang siaga dan begitu setia menemani sampai Tricia lahir (terharu) :') 
Jadi intinya semua hal harus disyukuri, memang untuk sebagian orang bersyukur menjadi hal yang tidak mudah dilakukan dikarenakan setiap induvidu mempunyai pola pikir yang berbeda-beda dan pemahaman yang berlainan satu dengan yang lain tapi yang terpenting bahwa menyadari arti yang besar dari rasa syukur tersebut dan manfaat yang luar biasa dari itu bukanlah hal yang merugikan. Jadi mengucap syukurlah dalam segala hal 
Okay I will end this post now because it's late and it's time to sleep (10 o'clock pm) but I don.t think that I will sleep 'cause I'm not sleepy yet maybe two or more videos on youtube will do it so yahhh byeeeeee :D
Fyi, this post is taking almost a day to finish by the way hahaha because life as a parent is toughful but enjoyable for me. :DDDDDD 


 This is my new favorite shirt, so I create two looks for that :)
 Really looooveeeeee those cutey star sunglasses and marron pearl earings :)
 *spot the strawberry
I took all of those pictures today before I go to work in my store so I'm lil bit in a hurry and the other photo shows that I quite sweaty if you notice hehe :D

Monday, February 6, 2017

Somebody Who Know Me So Well

Is my husband. My man my everything. I am grateful I have him for living together in this tough life and crazy world. So in love with you everyday :******************************

Aku Rindu

Aku rindu 
Aku rindu ingin mendengar, melihat, menyentuh
Tapi aku malu
Aku malu kepada dia yang t'lah pergi jauh
Dan tahu dia telah hilang termakan waktu
Dulu tak seindah waktu itu
Saat ini tak bisa dibandingkan dengan yang dahulu
Aku rindu
Merasakan kenangan yang t'lah berlalu
Indah namun tak seindah kamu
Kamu yang t'lah mendatangiku
Menawarkan semua kemanisan madu
Memabukkan seperti anggur
Aku rindu

Time Setting

It has been six years already that me create this blog, since 2011 until now it's such a long time you know. There are so many memories time by time sweet and sour, happy and sad, so magical life like in the movie or fairy tale hehe (mungkin agak lebay) and buat saya waktu 6 tahun itu sangat sangat amazing dari waktu masih jadi anak kuliahan sampai sekarang sudah jadi mamanya Tricia oh emmjiii. Well I still feel like anak kuliahan atau abg sih (just kidding). So yaahh, a few days ago I read the old posts in my blog mumpung saya lagi ada waktu luang and don't know what to do so yah begitulah. Lucu juga sih waktu lihat dan baca-baca postingan lama hahaha when I look so slim and young hehehe (well I'm still young-I feel young) I just want to inform that kayaknya ada terjadi kesalahan sama peraturan waktu postingan saya disini and I really don't know how to fix it because I tried so many times and it doesn't work at all so I just let it go and I don't wanna to think harder for it just wasting time jadi perkiraan waktu di blog saya terlambat sekitar kurang lebih 17 jam dari waktu saya setempat (I lived in North Sulawesi) which is my city is about use wita (waktu indonesia tengah) so it's one hour faster from the capital city (Jakarta, Indonesia).
For this year I will make some time for writing because mostly my post from last year (2016) is just about pictures so maybe this year will be a lot of thoughts, notes and something like that. Also, in this year I will write in two languanges english and indonesia and sometimes I mix like in this post, there's no reason why I make like that just because I like to and I do what I like selama itu baik dan tidak mengandung tindakan asusila wkwkwkwk adakah yang setuju? (hening).
So that's all from me and goodnight! 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Dressing Up

So, a few days ago I received my packets from Sale Stock Indonesia and I really really looovee their products so much. I really like to order from them because they sell their products without a postal fee in every country in Indonesia and just so you know I lived away from the capital so the postal cost is kinda pricey and Sale Stock will be my favorite online store for now on. I bought so many things from them like clothes, bags, shoes and sunglasses all of them is really good quality and good price. So worth it. :D