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Thursday, October 27, 2011


You know, I really love writing and became a blogger is one of my dream that suddenly came true (‘cause what a easy way to create blog) hehehe..
I am blogging when I want to not when I have to! Well, because I love to enjoying every my activities, all that I do I will do happily so there’s no feel like compulsion and make me upset. It won't happen.

Pictures and Shopped

Sometimes, do shopping alone it’s so much better. 
 Can you believe, I'm not spent a lot for those clothes, it means they are so cheap :)
 Before shopped, I took my photos printed first at Safuko Digital Photo Express. I'm so glad with the result :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Their named colors

I love colors and I love to color my world. I love to try something new, something can push my life and I will get some knowledge and it can bring great and positive impact to my life, it can improve my life to be better. It’s really good if we try to be a “better me” everyday.  And one thing that I suddenly realize that being stylish is a bless and opportunities. Well, that’s just my opinion. Keep smiling and good luck!

Yummy as PIZZA

Had a wonderful day, lunch with my boyfriend, take some quality time to share everything. Meaningful!
Btw, my new clothes have arrived yesterday! Soooooo happy :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sky is blue

Oh, that's so great when God created this earth the place where I'm living. Being so grateful is not  quite enough but we should do the right things and make Him glad and do not hurt Him with our speech and behavior. Love each others and being positive everyday :)

Success Through Character

Currently, read this book.
Have a good Sunday!