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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hello everyone, I just want to say Happy Sunday to all of you there. Today I’m alone at home because my parents went to a birthday party, actually is my grandma birthday party and I have to go there but I’m too lazy right now and I’m too tired. So, I ask my mom “can I just stay at home?”  And thank God she said, yes. So here I am at home lonely and just laying in my bed, woke up, laying again hehehe. And now I am waiting for them to come because I’m little bit starving right now and need to eat as fast as possible. Btw, next week I’m gonna do some examinations, so start for this week I prefer to study well for the good result. Hope it will happen. Everyone want to the best things always happen in their life, right? So I think, you need to reach the best and do the best. And then they will come easily to you. HAPPY SUNDAY AGAIN EVERYBODY. God Bless YOU all :D
Anw, Check my boyfriend and his "taxi" :p
PS: He took me out to get a dinner when I totally starving..yooohooo :D I do LOVE you :p :*


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