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Friday, March 18, 2011

In My Dream

There are many things in this world that often have this kind of envy. And this kind of feeling is always I experienced in my class in particular. But, there are differences in envy that I have this. I'm not jealous because he/she was richer; he/she is more intelligent and so forth. And you need to know that I work very hard to get good grades in college because it will determine my future will be. I experienced envy due to the success of others because I made them a success. I mean, I helped them get what is their desire. And I am very disappointed that after what they gained they seemed to forget and do not consider that I am there for them. I did not hear the words “Thank You” spoken from their gratitude. But when we look at and examine who was wrong and who was right and I certainly was a mistake here. This is MY FAULT. But, I will not regret it all, because the past is gone and that will be coming soon. Most important is the independence and do not always depending on others because I believe we have the capabilities that have been measured by the Almighty. If you ever heard the quote about, “no real friends and no eternal enemies” do you believe that?

Such Things

It was FRIDAY AGAIN..and for the good news I have no assignment during this week, actually I already done all of them.. Hahaha :D After I finished at Campus, spent my Friday to watching movie in cinema and dinner with my boyfriend. :D What a wonderful day for me.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Folders

Here it this some random pictures in My Folders..Campus Outfit, Busplor (Business Explore), and Choir sing in Wedding and also you can see the song in this pictures below.. :D

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Woooowww ... Yesterday was a long and tiring day for me. But I was too happy to tell these separately. My class made some activities that we call it "Business Explore". This is the first time I attended such activities like this and it is one of the activities that will be remembered and never be forgotten over time. In this activity we went to various businesses in Manado and Bitung. And I think, this activity is very useful and not wasted. TRUST ME!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

SORRY is the beginning

If we view our lives as a burden, then we will go through life with a weight due to the brunt of it. The problem is not a burden as heavy as what it is but how long we endure. Look at life as a goal to be happy. Leaving aside the things that make us fall helpless is the perfect solution to undergo a memorable day. Always believe that God will not make us fall in lying, He will lift us and eliminate the burden of life that we experience, because He first had to feel everything we are experiencing now, believe me He will be a source of light in all our lives. Every issue there's always a solution. Stay shining and always show our abilities, talents that God gave to us to be happy ourselves and others. Today we would be happy as well as the premises tomorrow when the joy of growing with an open heart is able to pull ourselves from the true mind and make us happy. Excited through this life, because there are many important and useful lessons in it. All for us and only us.