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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Do Something

I like to enjoy my time, because as usual I sometimes highly pressured by time and other times I have a lot of free time. For that, I always spend my time with useful activities. After all my tasks completed. Very happy because the time has come to have fun. As read something about books, magazines, novels or watching dvd at home.
I love myself. Sometimes I feel my life is filled with sadness, so many problems and challenges that must be faced. I always ask if I can get through all of this. But I always tried to be a vibrant, always joyful and make others respect me as I do appreciate them.

NO Idea

Spending my Sunday evening to walking around the city..SO WONDERFUL :D

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The half of my life

Currently read..

1. Sleepholic Jatuh Cinta. By ASTRID ZENG
2. Istana Emas. By MARIA A. SARDJONO
4. The Wedding Games. By FANNY HARTANTI
5. The Book of Lost Things. By JOHN CONNOLLY

I'm Looking at you

Friday, February 25, 2011

You're My Favorite

Yeaaaaahhhhh..Finally this is weekend..So haapppppyy :D
Mr.C and I found the old bookstore in Manado and try to bought something inside..Yess..We found a lot of classic books there and make me really really happy :D


Thursday, February 24, 2011


I Love my daddy :D and also his clothes..Hahaha :D
I wore this to campus with my backpack and you know, all my friends ask me like this "Vivid, Which mountain will you climb?" and also they said like this "you look like a country girl" yeah, because I braided my hair. But it did not look cheesy for me. It's all about my style :D So sorry I little bit forgot to took the pictures.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Talk to me

Hey guys, in this post I just need to say and share something in my life that I always feel and think every time not just about my self but also the others. So, I try to make some perspectives about how the way we turn up our future. When I waited my lecture come to class, I wrote this.
"There are many things that make us successful, but only one that greatly affect our success. That was the attitude. How does our attitude in looking at every opportunity and seek, and think whether we can and are able to live it. Are we prepared to take all the risk that we will encounter?
Courage is a supporting factor to shape our attitude in achieving success. Courage is not the impulsive act of a reckless. Courageous attitude takes courage to break through our fears, and do what we know is true. As believers, we need prayer and support. But, what's a prayer without deeds if we are real and the desire to continue trying to realize our dreams. Inevitably, everywhere there's always a selfish attitude that controls the minds and hearts so that affects our attitude, of course. Are you aware of your selfish will only crush the body and break our bones? Why do we have selfish, when we are required to have a social life with others and when we realize that our lives become so full and happy because those who complete our life. Sharing, love, and appreciate it is to live with great peace. Just imagine, what happens if there is no love around us? Love is a question and love is the answer. Do you feel you have love more or even a lack of love? Ask your heart and always remember whatever happens, we are never alone."

And by the way, this is my photoshoot I took last evening.

Did you notice, there's something at my neck? After class, I went watch a basketball game in this city we called it DBL, so.. Me and my friend Selmy went to the KONI MANADO and see it. So amazing and very awesome even there's a million people there but I am so excited see my ex-highschool present their talent. Praise the Lord they won :D and I can't wait for the final game. Hopefully they will be there. :D

Here it is I introduce to you my photographer and also my lovely brother. Do you think we are a good partner? and oh, you should check his blog too
I guarantee you will not regret it. DO IT NOW.. :D

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