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Friday, February 11, 2011

"Shorts" Time

Prepared all .. because this post will be a long post. I'll show you how I wear these shorts.

My brother said, I'm look like his teacher in his school. OMG..Am I look older?hahaha
I got this little bag from Sophie Martin.

Yellow is not my favorite color, but look at this cute yellow bag. Who doesn't like it.

Remember this game? I just played this game once with my best friend. Only two of us playing this game but very fun, my friend and I played after we ate our pizza that night. We laughed together and ignored the strange looks people around the Pizza Hut.Hahahaha :D :D
Did you ever play that game "UNO" ? if you not you need to try. Trust me, very very very fun and make you laugh laugh and laugh again and again.


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