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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Guess what he was hearing?
This is it ... my dear dog. He faithfully always keep my house, and always make the guests who come to my house scared because barking that he always and always do.hahaha :D
I really love my dog. You want to know interesting fact from him? He was always scared when he heard the sound of firecrackers and thunder. He would climb the stairs and barked even he was crying. So sad.Then my brother and I come and see him. His eyes make my heart melt when looked at him.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sojourner Chorale

I am very pleased to be joined in this choir. Here,I Can meet with friends to build each other in life makes me a blessing, especially in terms of service that we always did. We do many things that joyous singing in church every Sunday came, singing at weddings, sing at a birthday party, singing in sorrow, and sing at other events. It all make me happy. Very very happy. And you know, we have a tradition every Christmas and New Year come. Completion of worship at our respective churches, we are obtaining gather and celebrate Christmas and New Year together. Visit some of our friends who hold "open house" and eventually we came home with a very full stomach. When I got home I went straight to bed and slept until morning came.
And oh, almost forgot I am a soprano in this choir. hahahaha: D

They are Meggie and Cindy. They sing in Alto

with Capitol Glee Choir University from Philipine

Look at My Boy..He is soooo serious.. :D

Cute Stuff PART 2

What do you think about these twins Snow White? who is more beautiful and who is more cute? I can’t imagine if the snow white to be funny like this. Hahahahahaa .. : D but I love it.

Where'd you go?

During my spare time I decided to make a photo shoot. I'm very happy wore my dad's clothes.

My brother made this bag and I just add these accessories that I took from the piece on the arm of my jeans dress. Beautiful right?..

Saturday, January 22, 2011


This is a very excruciating photo shoot today, because I had to resist the drowsiness during the photo shoot. Hmmm.. and there is no nap time for me because it was afternoon when the photo shoot finished and I have to immediately rush to go to choir rehearsal. Pray for me.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Christmas Shoes

Spending my Friday to read this book. Written by Donna Van Liere as the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. hahaha :D

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cute Stuff

To see both these things make my heart always feels happy person in the world .. hahahaha

Which one do you choose?

The Tablecloths Dress

one of my friends told me that my dress looks like a tablecloth

is that correct? I know what you think .. never mind. In fact I am very happy to wear this dress. Very comfortable and makes me sleepy and anxious to sleep and go to my beautiful dreamland ... .. hahahahahaaa

And this is some other photos taken by my brother today.Very happy to see them.