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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Guess what he was hearing?
This is it ... my dear dog. He faithfully always keep my house, and always make the guests who come to my house scared because barking that he always and always do.hahaha :D
I really love my dog. You want to know interesting fact from him? He was always scared when he heard the sound of firecrackers and thunder. He would climb the stairs and barked even he was crying. So sad.Then my brother and I come and see him. His eyes make my heart melt when looked at him.


Ratu Annisaa Suryasumirat said...

I like dogs and this one sure is looked lovely! You're lucky to have one, my parents didn't let me to have any :(

Vivid Virginia said...

I realy realy love my my dog. Hhmmm..I think we're both the same fate I plan to add a dog at home but my mom scolded me directly.huuh..But, i will pray for you, maybe someday you will have one. Amin. :D

thanks for comment :D

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