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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Messages For Life

Message from the second rich man in the world.
Stay away from bank loan or credit card and invest with what you have and remember: 
1.Money is not create a human while human creates money.
2.Build a simply living.
3.Don't do anything that people say, just listen but do only the good things.
4.Don't use merk, wear the comfortable one.
5.Don't spend your money for unnecessary things.
6.With money:
   You can buy a house but not a home
   You can buy a bed but not sleep
   You can get a position but not respect
   You can buy a clock but not time
   You can buy a book but not knowledge
   You can buy blood but not life
So find your own happiness inside you
7.If it success in your life, share and teach others.

"The happy person is not a person who can able do all the things greatly but a person who can find a simple thing in life and be grateful" 


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