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Thursday, February 2, 2017


Today I'm sitting at my store and feel a lil bit dizzy and sleepy oh noo which is the worst feeling in the world. When I'm dizzy or headache I just put axe oil (minyak kapak) that's so very good to make the pain  dissapear. Try it. And so happy that it is almost weekend yeeeyy. This weekend we are going to some wedding parties and do my daughter's vacsination and like always do some groceries shopping which is I am going to buy some veggies and fruits and soaps and other housewifes stuffs. So many of our families and friends that are going to marry this year means I should prepare for the dress hehehe yeey time to shopping again which is my favorite activity, well, come on guys who doesn't love shopping we are woman and we do love shopping, right? 
Ok, time for lunch and back to work. Have a good day people :D


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