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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Marriage Life

So, everyboody who meet me ask what's about being married? It's not fun like when you're single right? You should wake up early and prepare everything your husband needs, doing laundry, clean the house, cooking and so on and so on. Yes, that's totally true. But the one thing is I enjoy every little thing I do when I'm married. I love all those things I did everyday. It's definitely so many different things before and after married but until now there's a lot and uncountable joy that I feel. For me, there's no other feeling than be with the one who love, care and support you. Love your husband and your family now and forever. :)

While writing this post, I got an insomnia, actually this is my first insom after I'm married maybe I took a nap too long hehe. My husband is sleeping now and snoring of course hehehe. I really love to see his face when he sleep. Like a baby, really! And I think I should join him rightnow, so, byeee!! :)


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