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Tuesday, September 22, 2015


On last Sunday, my husband and I also my parents attended my cousin's engagement ceremony, After the event is over and then we have lunch together. My cousin who recently got engaged asked me "Hey, why you not take your honeymoon?" and I replied "Hmm, I have no time for fun like that now hehehe". And she silent. My husband and I agreed that while there's still young and energetic we do work really hard as we can. So my husband and I decided to postpone our honeymoon. Well, I think it's kind of pretty wise for us because when we loss our power later we can't work like we are young like now, and I feel lucky to have a husband who is so concerned about the future of our family and me of course. We are not crazy of money or property or anything but we are working to be able to replace what the needs and priorities of our home life is certainly and I realize that the most important thing we have to adjust our lifestyle as simple as possible so there's no danger tomorrow for us and the next generation of our family. Comfort and serenity will always bring peace in our hearts if we do everything good. Of course we also do many mistakes in life and sometimes bad things come up and make us a little bit sad (or very dramatic sad). But there's no a "late word" for learn and improve and make progress about it. Problems will always come and go and maybe stay but we're not to be afraid because we have God in our back and He's a faithful helper. For all the family out there especially a new family or newlywed around the world I wish you all the best and happiness :)))) 


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