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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Just less than a week I will go to Jakarta to take my internship for three months! Woooow, I could say that I really really happy and can't wait for it. All the stuffs are almost done to pack. And yessss, this year is my last year in university, one step closer to get my degree, oh I'm so grateful God, thank you!
Memorize and remembering something beautiful moments in the past also can make me smile and laugh and cry in the same time. I can't still believe that time is going so fast, really fast. I remembered when I was a little girl who always crying to my mom for getting what I want, for buying me some silly things, that's so funny and also one of my habit is wake up in the middle of the night and move to my parents room, cause I'm afraid to sleep alone in my bedroom at that time. The other unforgettable moment when I was a child is fighting with my brother for a weird reason, we just fight in many cases for nothing. For example, we are playing together and suddenly I was yelling or hit him and he hits me back and he cried and so on and so on. Oh my God, see now, we just growing up! And since he (my brother) is out of town for college I always missing him everyday. He is my  best brother and friend :')
If there's a happy moments there's also a sad moments. I only can forgive but I will never can't forget. All those moments made my life so beautiful. And for now, what's make me not be thankful? I have a lot of blessings, a lot of lovely people around, a very wise and understand parents, and One who never leave forever.
I always know all the things happened with a process and the best part mostly in the last page. Heart is broken is a common thing in life, never ever give up to do the best and be a good person to all the people even they ever or may hurt you. I did it! And I feel beyond happy for it. We cannot be happy all the time sometimes some miserable things always come and we need to face them one thing we can do is choosing to be happy whenever you want to be, for me happiness is a choice it depends on ourselves.
I couldn't make some beautiful words to attract people to listen what I say about but I just tell and share what's on my mind, what's I like and dislike, what's make me uncomfortable to everyone that close to me. Because understanding is always need explanation, not everybody recognize our feelings and it's better to express rather than to expect. We only have one life, always grateful, always faithful, always pray, always smile then the world seem so bright :)


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Waiting for your posts from Jakarta

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