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Saturday, June 16, 2012

I'm Happy

No matter how hard the problem is there still any ways to make it clear and put smile in every face.
No matter how many nights we are crying on there still a dream and hope that we can get.
No matter how many affronts that we face there still strength inside.
No matter how many asks that we need there still an answer for all.
No matter how many love around there still only one that brings me a happiness.


Dayan Schlömith said...

Oh, thanks for your comment.
I follow u n.n

inezdiva said...

great style ;D

TES said...

Nice shoots dear!

A hug,

Miška said...

you look cute

Dave Aiman said...

Fantastics photos!

I follow you!

Thanbks for your comment!

Besos chipless by Dave Aiman

Anonymous said...

Really love your dress :") minding follow-to-follow? It's gonna be nice to make friend with you :)

got a blackberry? invite my online shop pin, 228dcdcf <3 (@MooiCloset)

Miguel said...

woow! i love this post! i like you blog and now i follow you! thanks for you comment!


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