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Monday, June 25, 2012

Grey Skirt

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DADDY! I wish all the best in your life, in your job,in everything you do. May God always take care of you everywhere and everytime. I'm so proud to be your daughter and I want to make you proud as I am. I know, all my wishes is not enough with all you've done to me dad, but I promise to always,always and always make you happy all the time as long as I can. I know you will not gonna read this post, 'cause I'm sure you even don't know I am a blogger hehe, but nevermind I understand I still want to write this just for you my beloved daddy and I want to tell that I love you, Happy sweet 54th keep enjoying your life. I always take your name in every my prayers. I love you soooo much.


Anonymous said...

so sweet post and pictures, not many people I know would do this for his dad..
haha, I'm sorry, my grammar must be awful. :D
thank you so much for your compliment, each compliment means so much to me. you also have a very nice blog, I follow you now. I think I should stop writing, 'cause my english is awful and I hate google translater and don't use it. I know, I already said, whatever. ;D

Ti said...

lovely outfits, you look so great

Raquel. said...

Thank you so much for the comment, Would you like to follow each other?

Kenneth said...

Thank you!:)

Fotografías de Saioa said...

Are you would like to follow each other? Nice look! Have a nice day:)

Julia said...

thank you so much! means a lot, dear :)

Oh my Dior said...

I love your style! by the way I'm your new follower via google friend connect hope you can follow me too so we can keep in touch!


Monita said...

so sweet, cute outfit!!
following you via GFC,
follow mine too please


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