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Friday, May 25, 2012

Avoid Regret

I wonder why love should be with us in living life, because love helps us to solve all the problems that come up. I think happiness is a choice and I always try and want to choose to be happy every day. Sometimes, we waste what exactly should we be grateful about and that’s why regret always comes in the end. Just a simple thing we need to do is recognizing ourselves well and realizes all the gifts from Him. Do not forget to thank God for all He's done to us. We are His Children, right? :)


momo said...

Thank you for visit to my blog!:)

You're soo pretty girl^^
Amazing post!

xoxo From JPN

Bonnie said...

Gorgeous pictures. Love the outfit.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

the chilicool said...

Love this blog, so cool! Your outfit is great, I like it! You're so pretty!



Molly Mers said...

really cool and cute photos :D

Vivi Vintageová said...

Cute, crazy, cool, amazing! I love your blog! Gorgeous! ;-)
I follow you!

Jessica said...

cute skirt <3 nice photo :)

g.ta said...

Preach, sister!! =`)

Mulan Ranagradis said...

love your outfit :D

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