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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Photos Diary

Hey guys, for those haven't read my earlier post I just wanna show my photos from the first time I create this blog.
These are my all favorites photos :) Enjoy it.

 With my brother, please check his blog too


keschen said...

Hi, I've just stumbled across your blog and its really cute. Love all the pretty :) I am a fashion blogger and I would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog and follow me there. I will definitely follow you back :):)

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Paulina Mo said...

Cute pictures!! love that they are so colorful :)

Thank you for commenting on my blog! Let me know if you'd like to follow each other:)


Marie said...

Very beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

I love them too...a very nice photoshoot!
what camera did you used?? ;)


Lovely photos!!lovely out fit as well :)
By the way mind to visit and follow me? I'll be glad to follow you back then :)

suzsuz said...

Yeap, what camera do you use? Love all your pictures!! They were very artistic..

CopyCat - Smashinbeauty said...

Super adorable pictures!
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kelimutu said...

this is the first time I come here, and very exited to look at those photos!! those are super awesome!! you looks pretty cute on almost all the photos.

Oh, so you're Cliff's sister? I know his blog, crip,crap,crop. he's also adorable like you.. ^^

really glad if you mind to follow each other.. I'm following you now.. :)

Jenine Semilla said...

Great photodiary! <3

Haute Eyes said...

You are cute as a button! Digging your style and that arm candy!!


Candypop said...

woww these photos are so colourful and fun! Love it :)
thanks for your comment on my blog :)))

www.candypop-lamour.blogspot please visit again when you can

prettymeggy said...

hi dear! you're so cute!!!
i wanted to thank you for dropping by into my site.. hope to hear more from you :)
take care. greetings from Italy.
xoxo, Haus of Gala

Rosy said...

thank you for the sweet comment dear! your photos are all so incredibly cool!^_^

Fabrizia said...

I really enjoyed this post! I love your sense of style!

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Jen Umm said...

what a great collection of pictures!
great post!

Regina said...

Thank you so much for commenting!
Lovely photos...

Nixie Pyrena said...

great pics ! you look cute, seriously !!

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Anonymous said...

you have cute smile cute photos :) love your blog.

Yara Simón said...

I love the colors in that striped dress. Very fun.

Oepieck said...

hai, thanks for visiting my blog
and i love your style ^^

Fenny said...

soo lovely pic.. love all of these photo, you looks so cute..


Anisacrament said...

Superb photograph, keep update yea?

Bubble My Licorice said...

awww how cute photos!

dictionary_of_fashion said...

Like these photos :))
Btw, thanks for you comment.
From now on I'm following you...if you like my blog, follow me back :)

Anya Sinta said...

great photos :)

thx for ur comment on my blog..

myra abdullah said...

LOVE all photos.
gorgeous and your style really inspired ^-^

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