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Friday, November 11, 2011


I am very happy today, I had the opportunity to attend a motivational seminar was outstanding in my campus. The speaker said like this, if we have a maximum desire and supported by the maximum belief that we will get the maximum results. That's very true. We should try as much as possible with all the strength we have to achieve what we want to achieve. Do not give up! 
 Well, this is the first time for in this photos I got no expression as usual..hehehe


jiglycious said...

cute accessories.

thankyou for your sweet comment

i'm following you

following back?


dian ajeng maharani said...

lovely top and cute hat! love the way you add accessories to your outfit! kisses

chachamisu said...

thanks for your visit:) nice fotos,reminds me of bold 80s? have you implemented your motivational quote?
Hope we can follow and share eachother

fhenny said...

such a nice motivational quote
love the colour blocking of your outfit

style frontier

Ida Ayu Melati said...

hay, thank you for your lovely comment. :)

okaiiii, :D

suzsuz said...

you are always so positive!! :) i like that..

Angelina S. said...

Love this outfit! I couldn't agree more with the speaker!

Following your blog.

LUAR said...

Great outfit!



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