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Friday, July 8, 2011

Something Unimportant

I have two bad news that struck me during this and makes me a little bit unhappy. The first, I was sick for a long time after the semester break and lose my weight to 7 pounds, and now I look very thin :( During this holidays I'll eat all the delicious foods with more portion that can add to my weight (hopefully). And oh, my boyfriend was sick too. But thankfully now I'm getting well and also him. Secondly, there is no vacation out of town or something like that. However, this holiday made ​​me even more busy to prepare my choir concert in the framework of the anniversary. I remain grateful at least there are still things that make me happy rather than just sitting at home, that's really boring. So enjoy your holidays guys :D
This is some photos that I took with my camera just ordinary camera not SLR (I told in my previous post). So, sorry with the quality. I'm not professional. Hehehe


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