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Sunday, July 10, 2011

For Someone

I don't know how many times I have to thank God, I don't know how many times have I smiled, when He gave you to me, when He brought us together. An expression of gratitude that is remarkable and certainly magical. Can have you in my life is a blessing, an amazing grace. Look at what you have done for me, very much to thank it was not enough for all. Help me all the time, agreed to accompany me whenever it comes, be my best friends and parents who care me so well. Countless sacrifices that you provide. You are wonderful, you're great, you're the best.
Indeed, no man is perfect in this world. But for me you are perfect and able to make me perfect. You always understand and respect me, despite the countless wounds which I give to you. Makes you feel depressed and burdened. Make you angry, upset, sad, disappointed. So many mistakes I did. But not for one moment you turn away and leave me alone. You always forgive me. You are my hero. The real hero in my life. Dear  God, thank you so much for the very special person that you give to accompany me through this hard life. I promise not to waste and always strive to maintain this relationship. The last for you, I hope we have the same one dream. You knew it, right? :D :*
 Oh ya, this is what I read in almost every my spare time
  If I ever say that I really liked to wore my dad's clothes? This is one of dad's clothes that I like  :D


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