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Friday, March 6, 2015

Life Journey

Last night, I reflect and recall some past events in my life. In the nearly 24 years I have enjoyed the beauty of this world, there are some interesting things and sometimes provide a wide range of emotions and feelings when these memories resurface in my mind. Thousands of photos that I keep in my laptop remind me so many stories, and wonderful memories. Then, I also remembered my love story with a few men in the past. Instantly, the question arises which is a little disconcerting to be answered. And it's very funny. With the thought of it made our mouths not stop laughing even with a smile curving out loud. Right now I just feel that it is so true that only with the right person who can change everything. In this case is ourselves. And I found him, I found that someone. Someone who makes pain into joy, someone who makes tears into laugh, someone who makes bound dissapeared, someone who always be there with me in good or bad and together through all the misearables and worst things in life with a very good attitude as a husband, father, and bestfriend. There's no other joy than having you in my life now and later, my soon-to-be-husband. Love for you is beyond compare. 


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