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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My Week

Happy February yeeeeyy!! This month I have a lot of things to do during the preparation of the wedding. Hope all the things are going well until the day :)
So, in this year I just off a little bit about my work and spent almost my day at home preparing for everything like cooking learning with my mom, clean the house and my room, organize my closet and stuff. The one thing that I suppose to learn also about "FAMILY" and as a Christian I need to know what the Holy Bible said, so almost every Wednesday in the afternoon I take my time to read and understand that very important book in our life. Beside of that learning the Holy Bible is not make us become fanatic about our religion but the fact that everyone else doesn't really care about is the most important that we should know. 
The other time I also take time for relaxing or just go with my bestfriend or attended party and some of ceremonials with mom and also doing the groceries shopping. I also enjoying to watching Youtube videos at home and doing some make up look or testing a new product, taking a ton of selfie pictures of my self and yeaaah happiness is about to simplify our life and I think it becomes easier and better and happier. So, I hope you all make your own happiness always and all the time :))

That picture above took by my little friend named Liho. She's so really kind and nice.


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