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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our Friendship Journey

Well, I didn't remember the specific day and date but it was on 2009 when we're new freshmen in college. For the first time we enter the different life as a student. It was amazing and great experiences. Someday, we met in the accounting task and just like that, we become a team for almost every group assignments even for individual task we gathered to solve and discussed those assignments together. I just can't ever forget those time. Day after day, we talked anything, we shared everything that happen in our life or just make some noisy things and laughing all around a whole day. We laughing but there's another time we fight. All the happiest and the worst days we through it together. And all the moments we spent make us closer and closer. We knew and understood each characteristics of us. We love each other more and more. And for me, it's so grateful to have friends like you guys. We did so many crazy things together and I sure, that was truly unforgettable moments ever in my life. Even this year is our last year but don't let it be the least. I know we have our own plans after graduate and it can separate us in different country and condition but one thing for sure our heart will adhere and we always feel closer 'cause you guys still live in my heart, in deep inside my heart and mind. Thank you for anything, for everything. Almost four years we build the togetherness and I hope we can keep that thing in our daily life even time and distance cannot break it all. My pray is always on you my dear friends. :*


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