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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Lately, I was thinking about so many random things, randomly. About what happen to me for the next 10 years or who's the guy I'm gonna married with. It was crazy but fun, it's always a happy moment for me if I suddenly thinking about everything and plan for tomorrow or another day. It's all beautiful and wonderful. Don't you think about it somehow?
And well, I just realize that all the right things always in the right zone. Because of happiness is a choice so, we can choose what zone we're gonna stay. All about the options and right direction. Learn from the past and not regret at all.
Surrounded by all lovely people is not always make me lovable sometime, troubles always come and go, all I need to do is being strong and stronger everyday. 'Cause we never see the rainbow before a little rain, right?
Enjoyable life and gratefully go through the day. SMILEEEEE :)


iffahsari.musyrifah said...

hello vivid, thankyou for visit my blog. Do u want to follow each other? thankyou:)
anyway I really love this sentence : "Because of happiness is a choice so, we can choose what zone we're gonna stay." Yaaay!

Fifi Yau said...

i have the same thought as yours!
but rather to expect what happens in the future, let's focus on the present and give our best shot for a better future :D

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