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Thursday, April 12, 2012


There’s some conditions in this world that make”right” or “wrong” being relative. Somehow and sometime even we are really not realize those things happen or the other side, we always think that is right or that is wrong. Anyway, there’s nobody always doing the right things in whole their lives, and also there’s nobody always doing the wrong things. Our life is a grace, and we need to fulfill our time wisely to achieve our purposes. Because, life is about options and chances what we did is what we choose. I want to share something that I always though recently that’s about fear. I’m kinda afraid of something that really unsure. Just like if we walk away and there’s no place to go. There’s no idea. All is empty. For me, I could say it is a big mistake if we cannot decide anything for ourselves. I’m so thankful I have so many great people around me and they always give me the best and help me to choose the best way. They are my motivators and supporters and I believe they are my inspirations. They are the reason I’m survive. We are a social people, so we should live socially. Looking around and see those who need our help.  And please, do not just pretending or ignoring the very important things like this. So there are no regrets soon. We need someone to accompany us, to guide us and show what the things that cannot seen by eyes but through a heart, what the words that cannot spell but need to feel and understand it well. There’s a secret door in every people heart and there is a special people had the keys to open it and enter inside. Who are they? You knew, right? Keep smiling and shinning. I love you all.


PlaceTrends said...

nice yellow!!!

xx alex


Stevia said...

such a beautiful post, dear :)
so true. we should lead our life so we can lessen the burden of others. in all, that's what life is

yellow and stripy blue looks so cute on you!

The Sweetest Escape 

Karin Zhou said...

beautiful :)


kadik said...

RaspberryBlonde said...

love this look!

frozenstylefrozen said...

you've got really slim legs! :D

Cathy said...

Gorgeous skirt! (:

Check out my blog & follow? (:

Louisa Cindy said...

lovely yellow skirt !!

mind to visit mine and follow each other ? it will be great :))


Nino Reyzky said...

sweet yellow <3

S. Lopez said...

Love the yellow, so pretty!


THE HF BLOG said...

hi hon!! thanks for your lovely comment, i am following you now, would you mind doing the same? :)

Mary Lou said...

oh what a beautiful look darling!!! what do you think about follow each other?
love and kiss,mary

Caro * said...

So cute ;)

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