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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Where you supposed to be

Many things that make us feel dissatisfied about something. One is when we fail to execute a given task. But, suddenly all the failures will be a success if we continue to struggle, work hard and keep trying. Of all the things I was always realize that those things are interesting and very meaningful to me.
Recently, I feel my body isn't in good condition.I got cold and fever. It's really uncomfortable 'cause I need to finish all my assignments. But, thanks God. You're the best for helping me, and those are almost finish. Yooohooo :D
Btw, next week is my mid exam. Wish me luck! 


la vie quotidienne said...

I hope you stay OK...The most important is understand when you week up with flu, fever or another problem, the best is no think and no explain anything, only pass the time =).

Whe you week up with all energy, these day is for make your dreams.

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XOXO from Munich

La Vie Quotidienne

RoxxyC said...

I'll keep my fingers cross :D x

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