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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Such a perfect time

This photo was taken a few days before I left for Jakarta. Precisely on January 1st, yeah it was new year. This place is very impressive and very beautiful. This might be one of my favorite places and I plan to come back there in a few days to go. But, unfortunately when I was there it was raining so I can't take so many pictures, I mean about the whole place so you can see clearly, but back again to my plan to go there again I promise will show you how beautiful it is. 
 While waiting the rain stop, me and my boyfriend singing. Such a perfect time for us :)


Girlie Blogger said...

What a lovely dress. Yellow looks so good on you.

Rain, song, boyfriend - such a romantic time.

btd. said...

I love the yellow dress, it's my favorite color. :) The inside looks beautiful! ^^

Purvi said...

You look so beautiful and happy :) :) and loved the pairing of yellow with pink :)

suzsuz said...

nice colour combo ya! :D

love, suzsuz

Sarah Rizqi said...

Cute dress. You looks so cute with your outfit, dear :)


Mica said...

Your outfit looks so cute and you have a beautiful smile! :)

I like how you have tied your belt :)

sepatuholic said...

nice little chapel, very peaceful looking.
also a nice combo you put on today!

Marta said...

love the colors you're dressed with!! :)

Denise Pacurar said...

Cute dress!! I love your outfit!


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