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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Take a Breath

One of my lecture in my college asked me to write anything about my self so this what I wrote..

 "I was among those who are very lucky to be born as a normal girl and blessed with the presence of two parents who are so responsible for my whole life. Since childhood, my parents were getting used to living simply and always be thankful for everything that God has given to my life and the people I really care about. Both my parents are the type of hard worker and not easily discouraged and therefore I learned to be people who do not give up easily and work hard to achieve the success. I was the eldest of two brothers and I have one brother. There are many things I learned from those included in terms of leadership. Since I was an elder sister and therefore I am responsible for my brother, as well as help my parents in the care of the things I cando, and of course trying to lighten their load after a long day of making a living for us, their children. How grateful I am to have them in my life. When considering the time that has past, when I first entered elementary school, I was very excited because at that school is very pleasant to me. Behind it all and even until now I was a shy and lack confidence, but as time goes by and circumstances surrounding environment makes me a littleby little eliminate my habit of it.
At this time, I am very happy to be at the Faculty of economics majors IBA (International Business Administration) because so many things that build my character here and also develop the mindset and behaviors that greatly affect for my future. I realized that I was the person in the association. I know that relationships affect everything in my life therefore I chose to hang out with good people who want to progress and success is not only riotous living and spending money, because it is a futile and very detrimental. There area lot of hopes and dreams that I made and I always try to realize it. I believe in dreams can help us to achieve what we want. People who do not possess the dreams are like people who do not have a life, people who do not want to strive to realize their dream, people who are not lucky and lazy. And laziness will only bring misery".


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